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The best you can get.

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IRC - Internet Relay Chat
One of the most popular mediums for scan collecting.

For the experienced collector nothing equals IRC channels for keeping up with the latest scans.


IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC has become infamous for it's sex chat rooms inhabited by dirty old men that lure innocent children for rendezvous to shopping malls etc...

Unfortunately, while this does occationally happen, IRC is mostly harmless and offers much more.

IRC offers an excellent medium for individuals of like interest to share information and talk to one another.

Unlike NGs, IRC is totally interactive and immediate, and since groups are more or less private with NO DISPLAY of the scans, IRC is not subject to the perils of copyright enforcement that the "PUBLIC" web is. You can't view the scans until they have been sent to you by another.

These characteristics make IRC an ideal medium for scan collecting.


Organized by scanners and collectors, there are a number of IRC channels available that provide the absolute best scans you can get. These groups are responsible for most of the high quality output you see on the Internet.

#SWA - Scanners With Attitudes
#SDC - Scan Distribution Channel
#CIA - Celebrity Imaging Artists
#SCP - Scan Collection Point
#SNF - Scans-N-Fun


IRC Scan groups fall into two loose categories, CONSORSIUM and COOPERATIVE.

CONSORSIUM type groups will scan under one name but have independent collectons for each scanner. #SWA is a consorsium.

COOPERATIVE type groups will scan under one name and contribute the scans to a single collection for the group. #SDC is a cooperative.


If you are familiar with IRC then you can connect to any DALNet server and join the channels.

If you are unfamiliar with IRC then you have to first download an IRC reader mIRC can be downloaded from or

Once installed, you can setup your user information by entering your name, e-mail, and Nickname.

Choose server option that says "Random US DALNet Server," hit the connect button. When you get connected, a box will pop up asking you what channel you want to join, type in "#SWA" in the space provided.

If you see people offering scans, announcing FTP sites, or just having a good time, you'll know your in the right place.



#SWA - Scanners With Attitude
The first IRC scan group:

#SWA is a channel on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.  SWA is short for Scanners With Attitudes, and was founded in 1997 by scanners RipTorn and Phantom. Since it's inception other scanners have joined the group including Big Oaf, Enigmatist, UTW, Gorek, Paragon, WScan, BatScan, Kandor, OafScan, Colibri, and Outlaw.

#SWA is frequented by many who are quite knowledgeable in the area of scan collecting. The group's charter is based upon the tenants of cooperation and sharing. There is no trading allowed. Only requests for scans and scan information are honored.

#SWA Rules and Guidelines

Big_Oaf, an SWA scanner has written what has become the definitive introductory text on #SWA. It includes many of the basic commands and instructions for how to pick up pictures. 

click here to view Big_Oaf's #SWA primer


#SDC - Scan Distribution Channel

Cooperative: #SDC is another IRC channel started by scanner TREX'. Multiple scanners all contribute scans to one collection - the SDC collection.


#CIA - Celebrity Imaging Artists

Consorsium: Celebrity and supermodel Scanners and Vidcappers.


#SCP - Scan Collection Point

Cooperative: Playboy and non-PEI scanners


#SNF - Scans-N-Fun




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